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19 Feb

My apologies for the delay in posting a recap for the Superbowl but the last few weeks for me have gone like this…Cold, Norwalk Virus, Cold, Jamaica (which is absolutely awesome by the way-if you are looking for a clean, friendly and hot place to go in the Caribbean I recommend no other), semi-Cold, Wife Sick. Nonetheless, it has always been my intention to do a Superbowl Recap, so alas here is the piece.

Unfortunately, my mind is still swimming with the cold virus and island rhythms, so this recap will be in the form of my top 20 thoughts of the game.

20. Where is the Ray Lewis Dance? I know I stated that I was beginning to get tired of Ray Lewis’ me-first antics a couple of weeks ago, but I have never taken offence when someone talks shit (or acts raw) and backs it up. In this case, Ray Lewis has served as the chief catalyst for his team’s improbable playoff run. It is hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago the Ravens closed the season with a 1-4 record. Dance on Ray, dance on.

19. I cannot believe that so many talking heads are taking the 49ers to win this game with the spread. Not only that, but so many of them picked the 49ers to soundly defeat the Ravens. As I wrote in my previous entry, at worst this game is a pick-em game, and if you actually look at the game by positions, except for TE, the Ravens best the 49ers on paper. Mix in the fact that Ravens are playing with a three headed must win-no one believed in us-win the last one for Ray motivation monster on their back and I believe the game goes to the Ravens outright and anyone who takes the spread is a damn fool. Money where my mouth is, right here…

B details for ticket number  28588****-1:
Bet Type: Spread (or run line)
Bet Status: Win  
Risk/To Win Amount: 74.00 / 71.15 (CAD)
Date Accepted: 21-January-2013
Time Accepted: 7:05:27 AM (Pacific)
Amount Paid: 145.15
Sport/Period: NFL American Football / Game
Teams: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers
Game Date 3-February-2013
Bet Line: Baltimore Ravens +4   1.962


18. Q1- Touchdown Anquan Boldin!! 2 thoughts here; First, where has this Anquan Boldin been during the entire regular season??? The man was a ghost all regular season and now he is back playing like his Arizona Cardinal days circa 2007. Second, this was another touchdown grab in which it seems that the only way to pry the ball out of his hands is with the Jaws of Life!! As a Cowboys fan I can tell you that Dex Bryant drops this ball 9 times out of 10. Boldin needs to donate his hands to science after his playing days are done. 7-0 Ravens

17. Q2- Touchdown Dennis Pitta!! Well so much for my theory that the only position in which Baltimore doesn’t have the advantage is TE. Maybe the most underrated story of these playoffs is the work done by Dennis Pitta and the great post-season he is having. 14-3 Ravens

16. Q2- Interception Ed Reed!! There it is, after three playoff games in which he languished in obscurity, the NFL’s best ball hawk comes up with the big pick of his career in one of the Ravens’ two biggest games. I of course am especially thrilled as Easy Ed has made me some serious playoff coin…

Bet details for ticket number  28741****-1:
Bet Type: Future
Bet Status: Win  
Risk/To Win Amount: 12.00 / 39.48 (CAD)
Date Accepted: 31-January-2013
Time Accepted: 2:03:46 PM (Pacific)
Amount Paid: 51.48
Description NFL Propositions
  Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers
  Defensive Player Props
  Will Ed Reed intercept a pass?
  Yes   4.290



15. Q2- Whoaaaaaaaaaaa Fake Field Goal Attempt…that ended in failure. However, I did not mind the decision. San Fran has shown no offensive capabilities to this point, and what a vote of confidence Harbaugh West is giving is squad. Plus, the Ed Reed INT was a free drive, why not take a chance. Ok, I love the move.

SIDE NOTE:  I watched this game at my friend Flem’s house and Flem, who is a die hard 49ers fan spent the entire first quarter trashing Jacoby Jones.

14. Q2-Touchdown Jacoby Jones!! Almost on cue after another one of Flem’s jabs at him, Jacoby Jones catches a deep Flacco bomb for a touchdown. This play is especially memorable as the touchdown was made after Jones fell down after catching the ball, but had the presence of mind to get up and sideways video-game his way into the endzone after the San Fran defender curiously decided to leap frog Jones instead of touching him down. Teddy KGB says, “ Bad Judgment.” 21-3 Ravens

13. HALFTIME SHOW- That Halftime Show was good, but not great. Although Beyonce went back to lip-synching after singing about 3 lines, the show was still decent. And even though I was thoroughly expecting Jay-Z to come out, his absence must all but guarantee a performance by him in New Jersey next year (why is the Superbowl being played in New Jersey next year again?).

12. Q3- At 21-6 this game had eerily seemed similar to San Fran’s comeback against Atlanta a couple weeks ago and if any team not named the Patriots has the ability to score big points in a hurry, its the 49ers. However, just when you thought the comeback was coming, 108 YARD TOUCHDOWN return for who else but Jacoby Jones. As I stated for weeks, even if you split offense and defense evenly between these two teams, special teams is easily in Baltimaore’s favor (especially given how Akers has been kicking) and teams that can dominate in 2 phases of the game usually win ball games. 28-6 Ravens

SIDENOTE-If anyone in the room mentions Jacoby Jones’ name I am pretty sure steam will shoot out of Flem’s ears and urine to evacuate his bladder and into his pants.

SIDENOTE 2- In case, you hadn’t heard the lights went out midway through the 3rd quarter. Baltimore’s Coach Harbaugh seems pissed and is absolutely tearing a strip out of the NFL official trying to explain the situation to him. Bad Karma Harbaugh East, bad Karma. After about 40 minutes the lights go back on…

11. However, just when you though the rout was on, Touchdown Michael Crabtree!! This drive was classic 49ers-Kapernick football as the 49ers QB finally showed some meaningful mobility, loosened up his offense and tossed a fantastic strike to Michael Crabtree for the score. The game score is still 28-13 so it should still be out of reach right? 28-13 Ravens

10. Q3- After a poor possession by the Ravens, Touchdown Frank Gore! Although it was only a 6 yard run the aforementioned poor possession by the Ravens coupled by an equally poor punt that was returned 32 yards to the Ravens 20 by Ted Ginn Jr. facilitated a relatively easy touchdown drive by the 49ers. At 28-20 there isn’t a person in the building (or watching at home) that thinks the Ravens are winning this game without a fight. If anything, from a momentum perspective, the game is San Fran’s to lose. 28-20 Ravens

9.-Q3- On a possession Baltimore absolutely had to have, Ray Rice goes ahead and fumbles the ball to the red hot 49ers. Ray Rice has been a running back stud for some time now, but it seems like fellow running back stud Adrian Peterson, he has a knack for fumbling the ball at the worst possible time. There was a solid chance that this particular bout of fumblitis would haunt the Ravens all offseason.

8.-Q3- Mercifully San Fran only fanagled a FG out of that turnover. At this point 49ers must be thrilled about two things, the big-time comeback and David Akers remembering how to kick field goals again. 28-23 Ravens

7.-Q4- After an absolutely brutal quarter, the Ravens are relieved with the start of the fourth and are marching strong into 49ers territory. However, despite getting all the way to their opponents 1, the 49ers slammed the door and Baltimore painfully settles for a FG. I’m telling you defense still wins championships (Yes, Peyton Manning it’s true), and that was an impressive stand. 31-23 Ravens

6.-Q4-Unfazed by the deep assault into their own territory, 49ers march 76 yards and cap the drive with a 15 yard Touchdown run by Kapernick! Although I was never a fan of switching tinkering with something that works, the 49ers have proven that the move was schrewed at every level (well, every level except Karma). I will point out that while Smith would not have gotten that razzle dazzle touchdown that Kapernick did, he probably wouldn’t have thrown that Ed Reed pick either. Just saying. Oh and the two point conversion that would have tied the game failed. 31-29 Ravens

5.-Q4- Desperately needing a strike, Baltimore marches down the length of the field on a decent clock killing drive and gets a 38 yard FG. Although it wasn’t the strike Balty was looking for it was enough make it a touchdown-to-win-it game. For a team that prides itself on its defense the Bell was sounding for Ray Lewis and Co. on D. 34-29 Ravens

4.-Q4- On a drive that drove every woman in North America crazy (what with Michael Oher up against it), the 49ers methodically marched up the field, and on the strength of 33 yard run by Frank Gore were sitting on the Baltimore 7 with 4 plays to go. After the first down rush, they had 3 plays from the 5. What happened next? Well just like any great defense does, they rose when it mattered most and absolutely put the kibosh on the 49ers chances to win the game with three big stops from the 5. I know Harbaugh West was wetting his pants because he wanted a holding call in the endzone, but late in games the refs must let players play unless the foul is totally egregious. The alleged infraction was not totally egregious, referees I salute you. No way the Superbowl, or any big game for that matter should be decided on a suspect call like that would have been.

3.-Q4- On a final master stroke, Harbaugh East elected to call a safety in the endzone. The genius in this play was that Baltimore was also instructed to hold all the 49ers players in order to drain as much time off the clock as possible. The effect was that while Harbaugh West nearly blew a gasket that a hold was not called, it would not have matter if a hold was called because the safety would merely be awarded anyway. Who would have thought Defense and Brains won Championships (Again, Peyton Manning take note). 34-31 Ravens

2.-Q4- With only a couple ticks left, the 49ers kickoff and tackle the return man after a decent but not enough return.

Game Over. Ravens Win. 49ers simply ran out of time as without Ngata, the Ravens would have hard pressed to stop anything the way this game was going.

1.-POSTGAME- After a thoroughly entertaining postgame and trophy presentation which saw Jim Nantz refusing to let Ray Lewis hold the microphone, Joe Flacco provided viewers with one of the most entertaining interviews ever. After coming off an extremely difficult year where Flacco was slam by every talking head who wish to challenge his position of being elite (where they at now?), Flacco Deion Sanders and crew an absolute gem of an interview and even joked about all the money he would be making next year (my recap does not do this justice, please go Youtube it for yourself). While I predicted that the Ravens would win the title, I never predicted that a guy so seemingly uncharismatic as Flacco would actually provide some solid and entertaining sound bites (One more time, Peyton Manning take note).

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