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19 Dec

My apologies for not having posted some picks in a while. I have actually still been making picks and last week was able to cash in betting against the Lions and the Cowboys (I hope you were able too as well). Before I get to this week’s picks (I sweat I will post them), I just wanted to state something with the regards to my beloved Dallas Cowboys; They suck. People have been making a big stink about the three high profile games Dallas choked away to Detroit, Denver and now Green Bay, but I say, what else is new? This shit has been going on since 2005 when the Cowboys choked away a homecoming game against Washington when they were leading 13-0 late in the fourth. Since that time there have been at least 3 of these choke jobs a year and all in the biggest games of the year. So to the talking heads trying to make a story out of beating this dead story I say get a new story.

For Dez Bryant to walk off the field, I applaud that. If I was him I would have pulled down my pants, whipped out my junk and pissed all over the field. The Cowboys have been pissing all over their fans for a while now so it is about time a player actually had the guts to make a statement to management. As bad as Dallas’ season has been, they are somehow still in the hunt. But don’t let that fact fool you, they will miss the Playoffs while collapsing in some epic fashion. BET THAT.

Therefore until Dallas parts ways with Jason Garrett, the corpse known as Monte Kiffin (aka the worst defensive coordinator of all time), their terrible safeties and Miles Austin you can be sure that there is nothing but heartache in store for Cowboys fans. Luckily if you are smart you can still make money on this situation, and here we are



Colts +7 OVER KC

The Chiefs epic slide will continue following their brief respite against the Raiders last week. Indy has made a point of winning games they were not supposed to, and with a bye inexplicably on the line for them, they should muster a competitive game out of this one. Even if they don’t take it outright, they should be competitive enough to get within seven .


Patriots +2.5 OVER RAVENS

The Patriots lost a heartbreaker over Miami. You think Tom Brady is losing two in a row with a bye on the line? Guess Again, be smart and take the Pats and the points.



I know Dallas is fully expecting to blow the season against Philly, but that won’t stop them for trying to blow it a week early in Washington. At best the Cowboys win this game by 1, so play it safe and take the points. (if you want to feel really safe take  Washington @ +3 in case Dallas is able to snake the game with a late field goal)


BONUS PICK:EAGLES MONEYLINE- Yes, you won’t win a ton given that the Eagles are favored by three, but you can win something as Philly should still be able to take this game.

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