07 Sep


OK so kick-off is a less then 20 mintues away but I felt like I had to post something since I forgot to post my Superbowl pick and thankfully the Seahawks thrashed the Broncos so a good day was had by all (well me).

Anyway here are the picks HOWEVER I will say that given that its week 1 it is better to bet on teams rather then the spread given that kinks are not ironed out yet on the good teams yet and bad teams are for probably the only team all season not currently in possession of a losing record so have confidence. So be smart and bet teams.



SEAHAWKS (-6) OVER Packers

Aaron Rodgers is the most overrated player in the NFL. There it is, I said it. It is time it was said. Going back three seasons (including this one) Rogers has started super slow (burying fantasy teams in the process) and last year he was injured for much of it. Plus Green Bay’s shaky run game and questionable defense which seems to always wiff in big games and the line in this one should be much higher for a Seahawks team that still has a chip in their shoulder. I didn’t get this bet in on time but was shocked when I saw this line.



Although I am quite confifdent the Pats will win this game especially with their revitalized defense. However, like I said previously I would only advise taking the win here. Yes you will win less but let the good team work out the kinks, and then run the profits on them next week. THe line however is -3.5 for the Pats so if you insist feel ok about it. But be smart and take points.

BUCS (WIN) OVER Panthers

Cam Newton is out, but no matter this should be a win for the much improved Bucs.


I love the Cowboys, but they suck. More specifically their defense was the worst in the NFL last year is only poised to get worse. Dallas is on track to have the worst defense in the history of the NFL and with that in place it is hard to envision betting on them in any capacity. However, SF is hurting and there are tons of problems in the front office. Dallas playing in the first game of the season has been good in past years and they could through everything they have the 49ers…and just lose.


This could be the lock of the week and the spread is manageable. However, this is a big game for the Falcons and it will test whether their performance last year was a fluke or not (it was not the Falcons are over hyped). Same reasons as above bet the team in week 1.



If you have some cash left over or don’t wanna bet on the Bucs this week, go out and bet on the Pats to win the AFC this year. I think Denver flops late and Indy isn’t there yet (although they could also rep the AFC) but be smart and put a couple fazools on the Pats to rep the AFC.

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